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Session 5 2009

Adventure Bible Drama Camp

Friday, August 14th, 2009

An awesome program that CedarS offers is Adventure Bible Drama Camp. In this program, campers get to learn more about the Bible. They learn about different Bible characterIMG_5142s, time periods, and even new stories that they may have not heard before. Sometimes they even get to act out different stories and play Bible characters themselves. It’s a great way for them to be able to understand the Bible more by having adult specialists explain it to them in a fun and comprehensible way.

The specialist this session is Mike Hamilton, and he has been able to teach the campers a lot. Wherever you find him with his group, you find Bible period timelines written out in chalk, and maps to show the geography of the Bible times. Here is how Mr. Hamilton describes the program, “The idea was to try and give them a little bit of background appropriate to their ages in the Bible. First to learn about it as a book, you know, how it’s put together, it’s different parts, and then to learn a little bit about the history and get an idea of the geography. So we’re trying to do something a little different then the kind of instruction the kids would probably get in Sunday School. The reason for doing it really has just been that we thought thIMG_5146at Biblical literacy is important. Well, you know how it is that you can read these passages in isolation, but if you don’t have a sense about how the whole thing fits together, it’s hard to make any sense of it or see kind of the progress of ideas. Of course the challenge of all this, is to make it applicable for both a 6-year-old and a 12-year-old. But we’ve made timelines and done other activities to try and get the kids to get a better understanding of how everything fits together”. – Mike Hamilton

A Daily Lift

Friday, August 14th, 2009

CedarS encourages all its friends to a “Daily Lift” of a new 2-minute lecture each day from the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. You can sign up here or listen in as it was shared this morning during CedarS’ Practitioner Talk.

Meg Dendler also shares some spiritual lessons of childlikeness taught by tonight’s musical theater production of Peter Pan. You can see pictures of rehearsals and other camp activities here.

CIP Does the High Ropes Course

Friday, August 14th, 2009

IMG_5106Today CIP did the high ropes course. CedarS CampS is very fortunate to have such a wonderful ropes course for the campers to enjoy. It’s a great way for campers to challenge themselves while also having a ton of fun. Campers are perfectly safe when they’re high up in the course because they are strapped into harnesses and have knowledgeable counselors to help them.

There are two different levels of the high ropes course, the lower level and the higher level. The lower level is a bit easier and has elements such as the “Train Tracks”. The Train Tracks are wooden boards that are spaced apart enough so that you have to reach out with your foot in order to reach the next board. You have to do so without holding on to anything. In order to complete the train tracks, and most of the elements, campers must overcome their fear of falling. Once they realize the hardest thing to overcome is the fear itself, they learn that they can easily complete the challenge.

The higher level is a bit more challenging, and has elements such as the log, where you have to walk along a thin log without holding on to anything. For campers who feel that they have done both the high and the low levels pretty easily and want more of a challenge, they can either blindfold themselves or tie their shoelaces together to make it more difficult. IMG_5095

To get back down to the ground, the only way down is to glide down the zip line! The campers are strapped into their harnesses, which are attached to the zip line wire. All they have to do is sit down and then lean forward and off they go! It’s an exhilarating way to finish the course!

CIP had a great time doing the high ropes course, and learned a lot about challenging themselves, and supporting their fellow campers. One camper commented, “I love the high ropes course because it’s a challenge for me to do the best that I can, and even if I get into a tight spot I have all of my friends to support me.” – Suzzanah G.

Square & Rock Dance

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Yesterday was a rainy day here at CedarS CampS. But that definitely did not stop the fun aIMG_5017ctivities from happening! Instead of having the usual campfire the first Monday night, we ended up having the Square and Rock Dance! Everyone had a great time dancing the night away and staying dry.

Campers came dressed up in funky outfits to match the theme of the dance, and it was so fun seeing everyone’s creativity. Campers wore brightly colored clothing, unusual hats, and even fun socks!

The dance began with the traditional Square Dance section where the campers were able to learn new square dances that they had never done before. They learned how to do the “Nine Pin”, “BINGO”, and several others. The awesome thing about Square dancing is that it allowed the campers to meet many new people. During BINGO, they change partners throughout the entire dance. Every time they meet their new partner they have to introduce themselves and then swap interesting facts about each other.

After the square dancing, the campers got to enjoy the rock section of the dance where they could dance whichever way they wanted. They sang along to the music, danced with their friends, and made new friends!


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