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Session 4 2009

A Fantastic Friday!

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The last day of fourth Session was filled with excitement. Campers participIMG_4937ated in the fabulous Horse Show, practiced for the talent show, packed up their belongings, and then finally went to the talent show and enjoyed some awesome performances!

The Horse Show is always a big event at CedarS. It’s a time when the campers can show off all that they have learned about horses and horseback riding. Even if you have never ridden a horse before, you can definitely learn how to at camp. The campers got to watch their fellow campers ride, and also got to perform as well. There was a lot of cheering, singing, and dancing going on in the crowd as the show progressed. Our two counselor MCs had some great horse trivia and jokes, and our rodeo clowns performed some great tricks!

The Talent Show on Friday night had some great routines! The young boys’ cabins began the program with singing one of our hymns to a new popular tune. The younger girls’ cabins performed a dance to the song “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound Of Music. They sang along, and acted out the lyrics. Then the older boys’ and girls’ cabins performed a fun dance to a song about Jane and Tarzan. CIP was the last group to do a dance, and they did theirs to “Pop Goes My Heart” from the movie Music and Lyrics. They did some entertaining partner work, and had a great time dancing around on stage!IMG_4967

The last performance of the night was given by the Musical Theater program here at CedarS. This year they are putting on the musical “Peter Pan”, and Friday night they gave us a sneak peak at what we can look forward to next Friday night when they actually do the whole performance. We got to see musical numbers from the pirates, the Indians, and the lost boys! The campers have been working so hard, and it was wonderful to see all their progress! It’s obvious from the great performances we heard that the show is going to be amazing!

4th Session Council Fire

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Last night the boys invited the girls to the Council Fire, where the theme was “traditional.” The boys led the girls into the Council Fire where they sat down to enjoy the night’s festivities. To begin the meeting they needed a princess to rule over them, so all the senior girl counselors participated in different challenges, such as building a big enough fire to burn a piece of string above it. After one team of counselors won that challenge, they then had to create their own spiritual parable using other counselors as their actors. After everyone had performed their story, a princess was chosen, and she sat in the throne for the rest of the Council Fire.IMG_4852

As the night progressed, the boys cabins all told parables that paralleled bible stories, based on respect. They had a wonderful time dressing up and acting out their stories. After the stories, the Council Fire continued with its tradition of recreating the sounds of a storm. The campers started with blowing out air (wind), then rubbing their hands, then finger tapping (light rain), to snapping (harder rain), to clapping (torrential rain), and then finally slapping knees (thunder). With all these different noises it really sounded like a storm!

Before the end of the Council Fire, Warren announced the chosen CedarS Torchbearers, who immediately set off on their run. As a Torchbearer, they must run until they feel that they are totally relying on God for their strength. (The maximum they can run is 7 miles.) The Torchbearers also have to take a vow of silence for just shy of 24 hours. If they break the silence, they lose one of their three feathers. When they had completed all of their challenges, they then take the pledge of the CedarS Torchbearers.

The night ended with the traditional fire breathing done by several senior boy counselors. They blew fire up into the night sky as the campers all returned back to their cabins. The spirit of CedarS was felt throughout the camp as the campers all crawled into their beds for a good nights rest.

Nature Poetry

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

One of the activities that CedarS offers to campers is Nature. The campers are shown difP8010050ferent kinds of animals, plants, and habitats. They are able to learn about the world around them, and see all the different wonders nature bestows upon us.  Nature hikes, led by one of the loving nature specialists, are one of the activities the campers get to participate in. During one of the hikes, the campers were able to take a moment and write down poetry about what they were experiencing in nature. It really allowed them to be at one with nature, and with God. Here are some samples of the beautiful things they wrote down:

(While beside Crown Lake):

The wind rushes through the trees,
And the air is filled with the sounds of nature.
The water of the lake with its whooshing sound
Adds to the sound of nature.
The birds are singing out there with love and joy.

I smell fresh soil and see the crickets thud lightly against the ground
I feel the damp morning dew
And the beautiful sun shining through the trees
It is the start of another glorious morning.

I see the world move around me
The gentle water near
The dragonflies move about me.
– Shyla

I Can Hear…P8010010
I can hear birds talking above me,
Leaves gossiping around me
Bugs crawling on me
Water moving behind me
Rocks crashing under my feet
Wind whipping at my face
The sun shining like a spotlight
And I smell the Cedars.
Well, of course I do…
I’m at Cedars Camps
– Taylor

(At the JL Caves):

It’s comfy cold
Good for hibernation
Moist ground quite safe

Birds chirping

A weird noise
Human voices
Camera noises
Cool rock.


Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Monday and Tuesday of the second week of the session are spent going out on trips and tie-dying. On Mondays the girls do trips and the boys do tie-dying, and on Tuesday it’s reversed. Campers are able to go to crafts and pick out a shirt of their choice to tie-dye. The welcoming parent crafts helpers show the campers samples of different tie-dye patterns they can choose from. They can do a spiral, a star, a heart, a bulls-eye, a CedarS tree, and more! It’s a great chance for the campers to be creative and design something that is entirely their own.IMG_4774

Campers have a great time picking out the design and colors they want to use. They learn how to make each design, what colors work best together, and how to properly use the dye. For many campers who have never done this before, it is a wonderful new experience.

For several of the different designs, the campers must twist the shirt in a particular way and sometimes use rubber bands to keep the shirt a certain way. After the campers tie up the shirts the way they want them, the crafts parents help the campers soak the shirt in a special solution before they can actually start dying. After it has soaked for 10 minutes, they’re able to begin dying! They have a blast using the wide variety of colors, mixing and matching whichever way they choose.

After they dye the shirts, the parent crafts helpers rinse out all of the shirts and wash them so that they’re ready to wear! By the end of camp, everyone has made a spectacular tie-dye shirt they can bring home to show family and friends!

Metaphysical Practitioner Talk July 31

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Since the fifth section of this week’s bible lesson relates to Christian Science nursing, this morning’s Prac Talk was turned over to the resident Cedars Christian Science nurse for fourth session, Penny Swank. To hear the inspirational insight that she shared about the fifth section you can listen to the actual Prac Talk on the Cedars Camps website, which you can find here!

CIP Does the “Giant’s Ladder”

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

CIP participates in the “Fantastic Four” on the first Monday and Tuesday that they’re at camp. The Fantastic Four is four different activities that challenge the campers to use Christian Science and learn about teamwork. Usually the activities are things like the high ropes course and thIMG_4469e low ropes course.

One group was up at the ropes course doing the “Giant’s Ladder.” The Giant’s Ladder is basically 6 or 7 long boards that get higher and higher, and the distance between them also gets wider. Since sturdy wires hold it up, the ladder shakes and moves, making it more difficult to climb. This activity takes two people, so it really allows the campers to use teamwork and bond with each other. One person can help boost the other one up, or one can help pull the other one up. They have to work together to reach the top of the ladder. It also gives them a great chance to use Christian Science to help them overcome their fears.

One camper who had just finished the activity and had made it to the top said, “From this experience I learned a lot. I for one feel really empowered for being able to complete such a big challenge. I was really relying on God to know that I would be safe if I fell. Even though the ladder was shaking I felt really calm because I knew I was in a harness and I knew that there was also God’s harness with me.” – Sam

It was a great feeling for the campers when they were able to reach the top of the ladder because it showed them that they really could overcome any obstacle as long as they relied on God, and on each other. The activity helped them learn that communication is also a big part of teamwork, and without it, they would not be able to reach the top and achieve their goal.

Another camper commented, “It really taught you how to use teamwork because it’s kind of hard to just get there by yourself. To reach up to the next ladder you have to hold on to somebody. You also have to trust in Christian Science and think about how you’re perfect and God loves you and that you won’t be able to fall, and if you do, you won’t hurt yourself.” – Tanya

Greetings New Campers!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Sunday July 26-
Excitement and anticipation filled the air as the counselors awaited their new campers for fourth session. Third session had just ended, and now it was time to start another wonderful two weeks! Many campers arrived on the CedarS Express, which is a great way for them to get to camp.

IMG_4402If you live far away from Cedars, or just can’t make the drive, the CedarS Express buses pick campers up from the Principia Upper School Campus and bring them to camp. If they fly into Saint Louis, they are met at the gate by one CedarS parent, and another one takes them to the Upper School. After dinner and in fun in the Game Room, they spend the night before riding the CedarS buses to camp. It’s a great way to make traveling easier, and start making friends earlier!

Counselors meet the campers right after they depart the bus to greet them and show them where the cabins are. One counselor exclaimed, “I love the first day of camp because all the campers are coming and there’s so much excitement with everyone being in their new cabins and meeting each other and making new friends and just the excitement of all the activities that are to come. The next two weeks are so much fun and everyone is just so open!” – Gabby A.

Another described why she loved being counselor, “I think one of the best parts of being a Cedars counselor is witnessing all your campers’ spiritual growth that goes on because demonstration is the most important part of Christian Science. We cherish each camper as a maturing individual, spiritually, and getting to see them apply their religion to their life for two weeks is really unparalleled to anything else.” – Sarah M.

After all the campers had arrived, they were able to unpack and start bonding with thier new cabin mates. Fourth session was off to great start!


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