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Session 3 2009

Lighten up by taking on a yoke, no joke!

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011
With Christ as your omnipotent pulling partner you’ll never stress out, feel burdened!A reminder to never feel burdened!
“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matt. 11: 29, 30

Council Fire

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Thursday July 23-
Tonight was an exciting night at Cedars Camps! The boys invited the girls to the council fire where the theme was “Camelot.” All the girls dressed up as characters from Camelot and came prepared for a night of fun. First they needed princess to watch over the council fire, so they had all the girl counselors compete in challenges to find a winner. After many fun trials and competitions, they were finally able to pick a princess. She was crowned and placed in the throne to watch over everyone.

The next activity consisted of the boy’s cabins performing different skits and acting out stories from the Bible. The boys had a great time dressing up and performing their story for everyone to see. You could tell from their happy faces that they loved being able to share their story in front of everyone.

There was such a sense of tradition and excitement in the air. The night ended with some tremendous fire breathing done by several boy counselors. Everyone watched in awe as they blew fire into the sky. It was a great way to end a night full of fun.

Girls’ Trips

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Monday July 20-IMG_4201
Today the girls went out on four different trips: the Float Trip, the Caving Trip, the Pack Trip, and the Fishing Trip. Trips are a great way for campers to be able to go outside of their comfort zone, and become closer to God by facing new challenges. Campers are also able to bond with new people that they may not have been able to before.
For the Float Trip, the girls all strapped on life jackets and boarded into canoes to paddle down a river for an exciting boat journey. Before getting into the canoes, they were taught different paddle strokes so that they would know how to steer the canoes. They sang songs, told stories, ate lunch on the water, and just had a great time canoeing down the river.
The Caving Trip is a great way to overcome fears because you are faced with some new challenges. Before the girls headed into the actual caves, they got the opportunity to go rock climbing. Many of them had never done this before, so it was a great opportunity to use Christian Science to help them.  Other girls had done this trip in previous years and were just excited to be able to do it again. “I’ve done the trip before and I was really scared but it was a ton of fun. I love the trip because it’s just about going outside of your box and just doing different things like repelling, and going on the climbing wall, and then caving in small places, and its so much fun! During lunch you get to hear the water in the river, and all the animals so it’s really fun being in the wild.” –Sarah. After rock climbing, they got to explore the inside of the cave.
The Pack Trip was for those who love horses, or wanted to learn how to ride even better. The girls had a great day horseback riding through different trails, and just bonding with the horses.
The Fishing Trip was a blast for the girls. They got to go fishing in Cedars beautiful lake, and also catch as many crawdads as they could. They had a contest to see who could catch the most crawdads, and the winner caught over 200! After fishing, they got to go swimming in the pool, or go down Cedars’ awesome water slide! It was a fun day in the sun and all the campers had a great day

CIP Does “The Wall”

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Sunday July 19-
Today the CIP campers all ventured up to “the Wall”, which is tall wall made out of wood. The goal of this activity is to get every camper over the wall. The first person to go up is helped by everyone else down at the bottom of the wall. Then whoever is at the top of the wall can help those trying to get up from the bottom, but only two people are allowed at the top. Once someone has gone over the wall and helped out at the top, they return to the bottom of the wall but are no longer allowed to help anyone else get up the wall. The campers must figure out how to get the last person up the wall with no help from anyone at the bottom. This is a great bonding activity for the campers because it allows them to work together as a team to figure out the solution.
The CIP campers were doing a great job communicating with each other to try and figure out the best way to get everyone up the wall. Everyone was willing to listen to each other, and everyone had great ideas. They eventually were able to get everyone over the wall except for the last person. Now it was crunch time, and you could tell that all the campers were trying to figure out the best solution. After a few different attempts they finally figured out that they could lower someone from the top of the wall, and the last person at the bottom could grab their legs and be pulled up the wall. The campers were able to get every single person over the wall and it was a great success! The campers were able to prove that through trusting God and each other, they could overcome any challenge!

CIT Meeting

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Today the CITs all met with Warren Huff, the camp director, in his office to talk about the Five Fundamentals of Cedars Camps. CIT stands for counselors in training. These young people are doing this special program to learn how to be a great counselor for the campers at Cedars. They get to act as counselors, living in cabins with the campers and helping with activities, to get the full hands-on experience. They learn how to help campers grow in Christian Science as well as grow themselves. 

All the CITs sat around in a circle while Warren went through all the five concepts and helped everyone fully understand what they meant. The five fundamentals are:

1. We regard each individual at camp as a child of God, who reflects alertness, joy, peace, ability, love… 
2. We respect each individual Christian Science young person as a future active worker in the Christian Science movement. 
3. We stand firm in our desire to use Christian Science in all of our actions and to be good examples. 
4. We believe that all have certain interests and talents, and we want to do all we can to further these and at the same time to introduce new activities and interests. 
5. We expect to make camping at the CEDARS fun!

Warren explained the concepts very thoroughly and told the CITs why we had each one. When he was describing how each camper reflects alertness, joy, peace, ability, and love, he said that joy ‘should be like a thermostat, not a thermometer because it shouldn’t be affected by the consequence.’ The CITs chanted each fundamental together, and then one did individually. It’s important for staff at Cedars to have them all memorized so that they can give the campers the best experience possible. 

The CITs also had a discussion about the Junior Leadership program that Cedars offers. One camper who had been in JL said, “You are expected to know more as camper, you’re not told every little thing. You make your own food, which is really fun in the palace; you get to go shopping for that. You get to experience all the trips, like caving and the float trip. Probably the most fun I had was the green and white field night. You actually get to run your own activity and be counselor for a night. You make sure these kids have a lot of fun and its just great to see them all excited. You’re getting ready to be a leader so the counselors are throwing you little bits of advice like “you can be a leader like this…” or, “this is how you can make this a group activity for everybody…” Brandon

Lake Day and Big Surf!

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

IMG_3939Friday July 17

Yesterday Cedars enjoyed an awesome Lake Day and had a blast at Big Surf! The first half of the day was spent doing fun water activities such as swimming, diving, the water slide, and the zip line. Then everyone loaded into the buses and was off to Big Surf! We sang camp songs and told stories all the way there. The campers were able to go on some great water rides like the “half pipe”, “wave pool”, and “lazy river.” It was a great day to express God, and everyone was able to spend some quality time with their friends and counselors, and even make some new friends. One counselor described Big surf as being “a place where we get to all come together and get to know each other even better and we get to see God’s joy in action. We get to know new people and have fun. We’re able to leave camp and come here to experience spirit, and all the good things this place has to offer.” – Maegan B.

Campers and counselors alike had a wonderful time splashing around and were served a great Big Surf lunch!  A camper commented “I like coming here because you get to enjoy your good friends and you’re always happy and never sad or mad because all your friends are here to support you.”

After a blissful day out in the sun, the campers piled back onto the bus for the trip back to camp. We had a hymn sing during the ride and campers were able to pick their favorite hymns to sing. It was a perfect way to end such an uplifting day.

Testimony Meeting

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Thursday July 16
Last night Cedars had its first testimony meeting of third session. The boys and the girls got to have separate meetings, where they came comfortably dressed in their pajamas. The meeting began with some wonderful readings, and continued with inspirational testimonies from campers and counselors. You could feel the love encircling the camp as young ones described how Christian Science had comforted and aided them in their times of need. We heard healings about pets, getting over fears, overcoming trials, and more.
One whippoorwill camper shared a testimony about how she had a scary dream, and how her counselor helped by reading her the Science and Health and she began feeling less afraid. They then read the introduction from the “Armor of Thought” which was about how when an armadillo feels danger is coming, he rolls back into his shell and his shell is always with him. She shared, “I thought of that as God is your shell, and he’s always there. I started feeling a lot better and when I went back to sleep I had no problems sleeping.” – Allegra V.

CIP Ski Day and Climbing Wall

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Wednesday July 15 – CIP participates in day 2 of the “Fantastic Four”, which consists of the climbing wall, horseback riding, high ropes, and low ropes.
A CIP camper gives her experience of overcoming the climbing wall:
“I was doing the climbing wall today and at first I was really scared, but then the counselors helped me and power hour really helped and I just love the environment that Cedars gives you and that helped me overcome the climbing wall.” – Morgan C.

Tuesday July 14 – CIP had a great time having Ski Day at Pomme De Terre lake where they spent the day water skiing, swimming, playing games, and having a cookout.
Some counselors comment on their experience:
“We love being in CIP because we love getting to know new campers and it’s so much fun!” – Caroline K. & Caitlin O.

JL Foil Dinner and Campfire

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

IMG_3772Monday July 13 – Junior Leadership cooked their foil dinners over the fire and then made delicious s’mores. The night ended with an exciting game of marshmallow tag and jumping in the lake.
Three campers share why they love JL:
“I’m loving it in JL so far because everyone is so welcoming and loving. You feel like a new family all together. I’m just so grateful and so excited.” – Enyonam A.

“This is my eighth year at Cedars and my first year with JL and I’m having a lot of fun. It’s just an incredible experience and everyone is so supportive. Dispite the fact that we all come from different backgrounds, we all get along and we get to relate to all these people we barley even know. It’s really fun.” – Angela L.

“This is my first year at Cedars and I’m so glad to be here in this welcoming environment and I love how people are so supportive and they understand you. With Christian Science, they use it every day and they understand if you need help and they’re always ready to give it to you. It’s like a family here.” – Sarah B.


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