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Order “Around The Clock”, a collection of 3 CDs with camp songs you love created just for CedarS.

Around The Clock is a collection of three CD’s with the camp songs you love
created just for Cedars CampS:

Day – Songs for When the Sun Shines
Evening – Songs for When the Moon Shines
For CedarS – Songs Written for CedarS

To order please send check/credit card info or call us:
Cost: $25* includes shipping

Name:    ______________________________________________
Address:    ______________________________________________
Telephone #:   ______________________________________________
Please circle:
Check Enclosed or Credit Card
If Credit Card:  Please circle – Visa/Mastercard
Card #:  ________________________________  Exp: ________

Please send payment of $25*:

June – September          October – May
19772 Sugar Drive         1314 Parkview Valley
Lebanon, MO 65536        Manchester, MO 63011
417.532.6699  636.394.6162

* 100% of the proceeds from album sales to go toward camperships


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