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Rainy Monday, Fun Monday!

Monday was quite a rainy day here at CedarS CampS, but that definitely did nIMG_5169ot stop all of the fun activities for Family Camp! Families had a great time participating in their choice of activities. There was horseback riding, printmaking, swimming, sports, archery, and even cartooning!

One counselor said, “I love family camp because during the year, some families don’t even get to spend time together. The father and mother come home from work and all they get to say is “goodnight.” But at family camp they get to do activities together as a whole family. They get to have meals together, and sometimes at home that doesn’t even happen. It just gives them a really good chance to spend quality time together. They also have power hour every day, and that gives them a chance, as a family, to talk about Christian Science. It’s just a really good bonding experience for all of the families here at CedarS.” – Gabby A.

The cool thing about Family Camp is that you can do things with your family whenever you want, but also the parents can do activities they want to do while their children do the activities that they want to do. When one camper was asked why she liked Family Camp she said, “There’s a lot of fun activities. There’s vaulting, which is gymnastics on a horse, which I think is really fun because I do gymnastics. There’s also archery and other stuff. And you also get to stay in cabins with your family which is a lot of fun.” – Hanna F.
At night we had an awesome campfire for all the families to attend. The kids had a great time riding the “Bucking Barrels”, and the parents sat around the fire roasting marshmallows, chatting, and being with their families. There’s nothing better than eating a perfectly made S’more! The night ended with some cool fire breathing followed by singing a hymn and then ending with the CedarS’ song. It was a great first day of Family Camp!


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