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4th Session Council Fire

Last night the boys invited the girls to the Council Fire, where the theme was “traditional.” The boys led the girls into the Council Fire where they sat down to enjoy the night’s festivities. To begin the meeting they needed a princess to rule over them, so all the senior girl counselors participated in different challenges, such as building a big enough fire to burn a piece of string above it. After one team of counselors won that challenge, they then had to create their own spiritual parable using other counselors as their actors. After everyone had performed their story, a princess was chosen, and she sat in the throne for the rest of the Council Fire.IMG_4852

As the night progressed, the boys cabins all told parables that paralleled bible stories, based on respect. They had a wonderful time dressing up and acting out their stories. After the stories, the Council Fire continued with its tradition of recreating the sounds of a storm. The campers started with blowing out air (wind), then rubbing their hands, then finger tapping (light rain), to snapping (harder rain), to clapping (torrential rain), and then finally slapping knees (thunder). With all these different noises it really sounded like a storm!

Before the end of the Council Fire, Warren announced the chosen CedarS Torchbearers, who immediately set off on their run. As a Torchbearer, they must run until they feel that they are totally relying on God for their strength. (The maximum they can run is 7 miles.) The Torchbearers also have to take a vow of silence for just shy of 24 hours. If they break the silence, they lose one of their three feathers. When they had completed all of their challenges, they then take the pledge of the CedarS Torchbearers.

The night ended with the traditional fire breathing done by several senior boy counselors. They blew fire up into the night sky as the campers all returned back to their cabins. The spirit of CedarS was felt throughout the camp as the campers all crawled into their beds for a good nights rest.


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