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Council Fire

Thursday July 23-
Tonight was an exciting night at Cedars Camps! The boys invited the girls to the council fire where the theme was “Camelot.” All the girls dressed up as characters from Camelot and came prepared for a night of fun. First they needed princess to watch over the council fire, so they had all the girl counselors compete in challenges to find a winner. After many fun trials and competitions, they were finally able to pick a princess. She was crowned and placed in the throne to watch over everyone.

The next activity consisted of the boy’s cabins performing different skits and acting out stories from the Bible. The boys had a great time dressing up and performing their story for everyone to see. You could tell from their happy faces that they loved being able to share their story in front of everyone.

There was such a sense of tradition and excitement in the air. The night ended with some tremendous fire breathing done by several boy counselors. Everyone watched in awe as they blew fire into the sky. It was a great way to end a night full of fun.


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